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Welcome to Chessimo Online!

Submitted by Admin on Thu, 21.11.2013 - 17:20
We are pleased to welcome you to our new online community!
With Chessimo Online you have the opportunity to improve your chess
skills and to compete against friends – no matter where you are or what
time of day.
Share your progress with the Chessimo Community or on Facebook and
challenge new opponents. Compare your skill level to other community
members in real time duels and show your friends who is the frontrunner
in matters of chess.
Starting today, the practice and community areas are free for access!
Soon, more features will be activated to ensure that no chess players’
desires remain unfulfilled. Register today! Sign up as one of the first
members of our free website and be one step ahead!
We hope you enjoy Chessimo Online – the platform for chess fans.
Improve your chess!